Become a Lean, Green, Efficient Machine: Document Management and Workflow Automation

Adobe introduced the PDF (Portable Document Format) in 1993 and our quest for the paperless office began. Now, more than a quarter-century later, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper a year, and 45% of every piece of paper ends up in the trash by the end of the day. What will it take to get us to give up our paper invoices, forms, reports and documents? We think we might have the answer: DocLink (aka Sage Document Management).

In this, the first in a continuing series of articles covering the features, functionality and use cases of this powerhouse document management and workflow automation tool, we’ll take a high-level look at what the solution is, and why it should matter to your organization.

What it is

DocLink is a unique document and process automation solution. It can effectively eliminate paper, simplify processes, and increase control and visibility. DocLink also automates the delivery of documents to customers, vendors, and partners. In addition to streamlining document storage and retrieval, DocLink offers Smart Form technology to digitize virtually any paper form with workflow automation to effectively route documents for electronic approval.

Key DocLink functionality includes:

  • Document repository for electronic storage
  • Workflow engine to manage document approval processes
  • Output automation tool to streamline document delivery
  • Business process management for any department or process

Why DocLink

There are many document management applications on the market, so why do we think DocLink is worth a closer look?

  • Only solution of its kind endorsed by Sage
  • Can extend its use to a wide range of documents and processes, including form approval routing
  • Options for mobile workforce that need access to documents and workflows anytime, anywhere
  • Integrates with Sage software products to optimize the functionality of all solutions
  • Makes workflow delegation easy and transparent

How to get started

The best way to learn more about DocLink is to see it in action. We’ve begun hosting a series of webinars highlighting specific functionality of the solution. Get started by viewing the first two in our series: The Life of a Paperless Office and Sage 100 Paperless Plus Bundle. Visit our Events section below to see when others are scheduled so you can attend live. If you have questions for us, don’t hesitate contact us, we’re here to help.

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