DocLink Powers Purchase Order Automation

In our June newsletter, we wrote about the benefits of using DocLink to power AP automation. Companies can use DocLink to bring similar benefits to the purchase requisition workflow. Much of the magic lies in Smart Forms, a topic we’ve written about here and demonstrated in a webinar. Our team has helped numerous clients configure DocLink Smart Forms to streamline and automate the requisition and purchase order workflows, and we thought we’d share an overview of how it can work.

Automate the PO Process from Step One

Requisitions are typically the first step in the procurement process and can set the stage for overall efficiency throughout the procure-to-pay cycle. A requisition is simply a request to purchase products or services. Within most companies, the requisition is routed through a series of approvals before a purchase order is created.

Using DocLink, you can configure a Smart Form to serve as the requisition form. Remember, Smart Forms are highly flexible. You can pre-populate some fields for the user (Company, Requester, and Date, for example). In addition, the form can contain drop-down selection options for fields such as Vendor and Item Number. Once the user submits the form, it follows the approval routing you’ve established within DocLink.

DocLink simplifies the balance of the purchase order process as well. Armed with the approved requisition, a user can quickly create the purchase order using the data from the requisition. Then, as you receive the delivery receipt and ultimately the invoice, DocLink automates the onboarding of these documents, updating your ERP with the data using AP screen integration. (Curious about integrating DocLink with your ERP? contact us.)

Benefits of the DocLink-Driven Process

Using DocLink as the engine for your purchase order automation initiative streamlines the entire PO process for more efficient operations. It ensures faster responses and timely approvals, eliminates paper filing, minimizes data entry, decreases processing time, provides greater collaboration and better communication, and improves visibility and control over your processes.

We invite you to register for a webinar on 9/8 to learn how to automate the entire PO process with DocLink. We take you through each step of the workflow—from generating a purchase requisition and routing it for approval to creating and sending the PO to the vendor, to entering the delivery receipt and invoice. You may also reach out and speak directly to a member of our consulting team.