DocLink Offers Deployment Options Here, There, or a Little of Both

Did you know that you have choices in how your deploy DocLink by Altec? DocLink can be installed on premise, hosted in the cloud, or accessed through a hybrid model. You choose the option that best suits your IT infrastructure and your business needs. Here’s a quick overview of the three deployment options and the pros and cons of each.

On Premise

With an on-premise deployment, DocLink resides on your own in-house servers. Your company’s IT department has complete control over the application’s installation, maintenance, and support (although of course, we’re here to help!).

With this model, you can purchase DocLink either with a perpetual license or with an annual subscription. An on-premise deployment of DocLink can easily integrate to other on-premise applications — like Sage 100cloud, for example.

Pros: You control the software updates. Best option for integration with other on-premise applications.

Cons: Requires an IT infrastructure and IT services to install, maintain, and upgrade.


DocLink Cloud is sold as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application with an annual or multi-year subscription. In a cloud deployment model, Altec manages the infrastructure and the application and performs all updates automatically. Your IT department no longer has to manage your software or servers to support DocLink. A cloud deployment of DocLink allows you to utilize web services to integrate with other web applications — like Sage Intacct, for example.

Pros: Smaller initial investment and predictable monthly subscription fees. Access from anywhere. Best option for integration with other cloud-based applications.

Cons: You don’t control when or if updates happen. Can be more expensive over the long-term than a perpetual license.


A hybrid deployment of DocLink encompasses a bit of both the on premise and cloud options.

Under this framework, you purchase DocLink with a perpetual license or license with an annual subscription. The software is installed and configured just like an on-premise deployment, but the solution resides in a hosted data center or private cloud managed by a third-party hosting service. You and your hosting partner (or MicroAccounting) manage your infrastructure including all software updates and patches. Integration with other applications can utilize either web services or a standard on-premise integration framework.

Pros: You choose the licensing option. You choose when and which updates are installed.

Cons: Requires IT resources to install, maintain, and update.

There’s no right or best way to deploy DocLink, and the fact that Altec offers these options is unique in the industry. Are you curious about which option is best for your organization? We’re here to help.