DocLink for Manufacturers: Three Ways DocLink Builds Value

Manufacturers are adept at overcoming challenges, as this industry segment seems to face more than its fair share. While software cannot solve for all the challenges manufacturers face, there are many it can! DocLink, for example, provides rich capabilities that can help manufacturers meet and overcome many everyday challenges. Here are three key ways DocLink builds value for manufacturers.


1) Quality Is Job One

Consistent, high-quality products are a goal of every manufacturer, and quality assurance programs have a well-earned place of prominence. DocLink can be an integral part of manufacturers’ quality control and quality assurance efforts.

  • Capture, store and easily recall important quality control documents including product certifications, inspection reports and more
  • Automate role-based quality assurance workflows
  • Manage and monitor procedures for continuous improvement

2) Connect Remote Workers

As team members and field service workers perform their jobs offsite or stationed at multiple corporate locations, productivity and efficiency can suffer. Empower employees with web and mobile access to customer, product and project data electronically using DocLink.

  • Automate delivery of documents to offsite employees
  • Remote file and photo capture and upload direct to DocLink vault for immediate access
  • Mobile approvals keep workflows moving

3) Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Ever-changing state and federal regulations and certifications such as ISO can create significant compliance issues for manufacturers. A document management system like DocLink, with security features including access control and audit trails, helps manufacturers ensure they achieve and retain full compliance.

  • Smart Forms ensure you’re capturing the right data
  • Notify stakeholders when exceptions/anomalies are recognized
  • Capture and maintain (and audit) a complete electronic audit trail

Today’s manufacturers are creatively leveraging document management solutions like DocLink to maintain quality standards, connect remote employees and ensure regulatory compliance. We invite you to view any (or all) in a series of recorded webcasts diving more deeply into DocLink and the functionality we’ve touched on here by following the links below. As always, contact us with any questions.

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