DocLink Document Management: Data Manager – Decision Automation

Learn how DocLink’s Data Manager can help you customize and automate your document management tasks. An automated task can be triggered when a DocLink document is indexed or moved to a specific workflow status. It can also be scheduled to occur daily, weekly, or monthly at a specified time. You’ll see demonstrations showing:

1st Specify rule conditions Configure conditions that need to occur before automation is executed. Options include:

  • A specific document type(s)
  • A document indexed with a particular property value(s)
  • A document sent to a specific workflow status

2nd Configure an Automation Action One or more actions can be configured to take place when all conditions are met. Actions include:

  • Database Action: Execute a SQL stored procedure
  • Workflow Move: Move a document to a workflow status automatically
  • External Action: Execute an external application
  • Custom Action: Delegate workflow notifications, automated GL Smart Form data import, etc.