DocLink 4.0 – Robust New Capabilities for the Web Client

DocLink Version 4.0 was released in December, 2020. Altec has been investing heavily in its Cloud product recently, and this release showcases some of the work they’ve done. Nearly all the enhancements included in DocLink 4.0 are for the product’s Web Client. In fact, with 4.0, the Web Client rivals the full functionality of the Smart Client. This doesn’t mean you’re out of luck if you’re using DocLink with an on-premise ERP like Sage 100, though. Below is a brief recap of what’s new in Version 4.0. You can download the full documentation here.

Index and Re-Index Capability

DocLink 4.0 makes significant changes to Web Client’s indexing capabilities. Much of the new functionality is rather technical and detailed, the overall impact is that indexing and reindexing in the Web Client now operates much more like it does with the Smart Client.

  • Ability to configure a batch folder to upload to DocLink
  • Simplified selection of documents for indexing
  • Users with re-indexing permissions can modify a document’s property values from the Index tab

Workflow Supervisor

Workflow Supervisor capabilities were added to DocLink Web, including the ability to filter the list by workflow, workflow status, and category. You can now view both the date and time that the document entered DocLink and the date and time that the document entered the current workflow status.

Workflow Delegation

Previously, an approved or denied note could be required before sending a document to a specified workflow status. In this release, DocLink includes a third option to require an info note before sending a document to the specific workflow status.

Export Search Results

You can now export search results values in the web client to a CSV file. Several options help you customize the results including the ability to export only currently selected items, only the values shown in results, and whether to include column headers.

Integration With On-Premise ERP

DocLink 4.0 includes a new data gateway that allows Altec’s pre-packaged integrations with on-premise ERPs to work in DocLink Cloud. That means that if you migrate to DocLink Cloud, you can still use the integration with your on-premise ERP.

It’s exciting to see Altec’s continual investment in DocLink, adding new capabilities that make the solution more valuable to users. If you have questions about DocLink or about the functionality included in the 4.0 release, reach out to a member of our consulting team at 855-876-3773 or by email.