Cloud Migration Trends — Is It Time to Move Sage 100 to a Hosted Environment?

The great cloud migration continues, with an increasing number of companies moving some or all of their vital business applications to a hosted environment. If you’ve been contemplating moving Sage 100 to the cloud, it’s helpful to look at factors that may impact your decision. Below we highlight some of the major trends, challenges, and ultimately opportunities surrounding cloud migration. It’s a big topic, though, so to dig deeper, we recently invited our cloud hosting partner, Cloud at Work, to join us for a webinar: Cloud Migration Trends 2022, now available on demand.

Supply chains remain locked up tight

The computer hardware supply chain is in chaos. Hardware lead times can be as much as one year. In this environment, it’s especially risky to rely on a single, on-premise server. What if that server dies? 

The office is (almost) gone

Everyone is working remotely, putting added stressors on your technology infrastructure, security, and collaboration. VPNs are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks and are notoriously slow performers. Is your remote workforce as productive as it could be?

Security is insecure

It’s not a matter of if, but when an attack will occur. Complicating matters is the fact that insurance carriers have strict new mandates and penalties for noncompliance. How confident are you in your network security?

Inflation is a one-way street

Inflation is higher than it’s been in decades. Unlike gasoline prices which ebb and flow, technology costs only ever seem to head in one direction. Even if inflation normalizes in 2023, no one expects computer hardware costs to go down. Can you afford to stay in the hardware business?

The workforce has forever changed

The employment landscape has changed in ways no one could have predicted. Attracting and retaining top talent is a challenge for any company, but those considered “technology laggards” stand to fare the worst. Employees, especially younger generations, expect to be able to work remotely and have demonstrated they’ll leave a company that doesn’t support that option. Will you be able to attract and retain top talent?

Why Cloud at Work?

Cloud at Work is the ideal cloud hosting solution for companies running Sage 100. As the first Sage-endorsed hosting company, they already have over 150 companies using Sage 100 in their Cloud environment. 

We partner with Cloud at Work because they remove the complexities commonly associated with hosting and make it simple for our clients to make the transition and begin realizing the benefits. If you’ve got questions about Sage 100 in the cloud, watch the on-demand webinar Cloud Migration Trends 2022 or contact our account management team.