Click2Pay Payment Processing for Sage 100: Fee Recovery Module

When integrated with the Click2Pay AR Automation portal, the Fee Recovery module for Sage 100 allows merchants to pass on any fee that the end-user wants to defer back to the purchaser including Credit Card, Debit Card, Check, ACH, or Wire Transfer. Fees can be calculated by percentage, dollar amount, or combination of the two.

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Here’s How Fee Recovery Works:

Payment Type Maintenance

Payment Type Maintenance assigns the appropriate Fee Recovery Code, which will be used during payment processing. An example is applying a fee for Wire Transfer, Credit Card, or check processing.

Payment Type Maintenance - MicroAccounting

Payment Type Maintenance Fee Recovery Id - MicroAccounting

Fee Setup

Fee Setup - MicroAccounting

AR Invoice Data Entry

Fee Recovery is activated in AR Invoice Data Entry if a payment is processed at invoice entry.

Ar Invoice Data Entry - MicroAccounting

AR Cash Receipts

Fee Recovery in Cash Receipts provides the capability of including a Fee Recovery charge when adding payments to existing invoices.

Ar Cash Receipts - MicroAccounting

Sales Order

In Sales Order there is an option to Authorize (Payment) or Capture (Deposit) the funds. These amounts will individually have their fee recovery values calculated and it will show in the Fee Recovery section (bottom right).

Sales Order - MicroAccounting

Sales Invoice

Sales Invoice works the same as the AR Invoice & Sales Order, where the Fee Recovery is calculated in the document once the Payment Type is populated.

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Access to the fee recovery module is available to Click2Pay clients on the premium version.

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