Sage Alerts & Workflow: Become a Data-Driven Organization (Sage 100, 500, HRMS…)

How often has an issue arisen in your business that you could have addressed if only you had known about it sooner? A past due customer, a soon-to-expire early pay discount, a delayed delivery or diminishing stock of your best-selling item—all issues that impact your profitability. You can get out in front of potential issues like these and become a true data-driven organization by using a business activity monitoring solution like Sage Alerts & Workflow.

Business activity monitoring puts you in the driver’s seat

Sage Alerts and Workflow monitors your data and can notify you— and take action— based on data parameters you establish.

The first and most powerful benefit of Sage Alerts & Workflow is the ability to notify you and your staff about critical business issues when they occur—not hours, days, or weeks later. It enables you, the business leader, to identify trends or problems across your entire organization by combining and analyzing information not just from your Sage 100cloud or Sage 500, database, but from multiple applications, including Sage HRMS, Sage CRM, and more.

You can also configure the solution to inform you when someone changes a critical piece of business information, such as an unusually high discount on a sales order, a customer’s credit limit, or a cost increase on a key item.

More than simply an alerting system, Sage Alerts & Workflow can automate form and document delivery and connect the data within all the software solutions you may have. For example, Sage Alerts & Workflow can identify past due clients—sending alerts about them, putting them on credit hold, and even re-sending copies of their overdue invoices, all using the thresholds that you set.

And the system goes beyond your internal systems. For example, you can use Sage Alerts & Workflow to monitor activity on your website and to process information requests and questions from prospects or clients.

Automated delivery provides what you need, when you need it

Many organizations spend far too much time manually running and distributing documents and reports to employees, clients and partners. Sage Alerts & Workflow automates the production and delivery of documents, from quotes, invoices, or letters to clients, to distributing analytical reports to your own managers and executives. And conveniently, the delivery can be initiated on an as-needed, data-triggered basis, not simply a daily or weekly schedule.

It’s easy to get started

Alerts may be delivered via email, text, IM, FTP, fax (some still have these things!) and the web. And to get you started, Sage Alerts & Workflow comes with over 50 pre-configured Alert Events and Alert Condition Triggers for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory Items, Purchase Orders and Sales Orders. You can adjust these to fit your business and create new ones as appropriate.

A data-driven organization is nimble, proactive and efficiently manages by exception. Sage Alerts & Workflow helps you make effective use of your data. We invite you to contact us to discuss how Sage Alerts & Workflow can work for your business.