Are your traditional clients at odds with today’s modern accounting?

If you’re like most accounting practices, the client you dread the most may be the “traditional” client. You know the one: he usually shows up the day before a tax deadline with a box full of disorganized receipts and invoices and relies on you to put everything in order. He’s resistant to change even though it will make his business easier and more profitable. Sometimes, he’s had a bad technology experience and just doesn’t want to try again.

What the traditional client doesn’t realize is that he’s hampering his success through inefficient processes and the increased risk of error. You can help him understand how modern accounting can benefit his business. Here are a few examples of typical traditional clients, along with suggestions for overcoming their concerns.

The “I don’t like technology” client

To a traditional client, accounting technology may feel like more trouble than it’s worth. Maybe he’s one of those who has tried some form of accounting software and it didn’t work out, so now he’s even more reluctant. But he may not realize that he’s more tech-savvy than he thinks. Most clients use a smartphone and email, and many are on social media platforms. This can provide a starting point for a discussion of the benefits of cloud accounting. And today’s technologies can be as easy to access as downloading an app on a smartphone.

The “cloud accounting isn’t right for my business” client

Many sole proprietors or small businesses believe that cloud accounting and other modern technologies don’t make sense for a business their size. Other businesses may rely on spreadsheets and don’t think that a more sophisticated approach is right for their company. You can help them see that today’s technology offers solutions for businesses of all sizes. Once they understand the benefits in terms of data protection, time savings, simplified tax filing, and more, they’ll be more open to considering a move to a cloud-based solution.

The “don’t fix what isn’t broken” client

This can be the hardest type of traditional client to convert. As their business grows in complexity, the traditional client often chooses the option that is most accessible and delivers the quickest results at the moment – sometimes without investing the time to fully assess the choice. It can be hard to see that those solutions are no longer the right choice and don’t fit current needs.

It’s true that paper-based accounting practices like invoices, receipts, and ledgers have been around for hundreds of years and served people well long before the invention of the computer. You can help your traditional clients see that rather than replacing these practices, modern accounting technology improves upon and refines them. That makes their work – and yours – easier.

The “I don’t have time” client

Some clients will argue that they just don’t have the time to implement a cloud accounting solution. They dedicate all their time to taking care of their customers. But what they don’t understand is that adopting modern accounting technologies will save them time in the long run. No more hunting high and low for important paperwork. No more manually entering information in a paper ledger or a cumbersome spreadsheet. And the time saved can be spent doing the things they started the business for in the first place.

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