An Appetite for Efficiency – DocLink for the Food & Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry is one of the most highly-regulated industries in the country — and for good reason. The health and safety of our nation’s food supply is critically important, and the foundation of that safety is the ability to track and trace raw ingredients and finished products throughout their entire lifecycle. DocLink can be a tremendous asset in this effort, as well as providing efficiency-building functionality that benefits any business.

Manage Compliance

To maintain and demonstrate compliance, food and beverage manufacturers must capture, store, and have the ability to quickly locate data surrounding the purchase, production, testing, and sale of their products. Companies can use DocLink to securely store and retrieve certifications, sampling documentation, and FDA-required information. The documents can be associated with a specific lot number or serial number and can be configured for full content searching. Add your own tags to individual data elements, such as item number or vendor to speed the indexing of documents. In addition, DocLink supports version control to support compliance initiatives, while integrating with your quality process workflows and approvals.

Product and Raw Materials Consumption

Food and beverage manufacturers can use Smart Forms to create, manage, and route requisitions and shipping lists to keep the supply chain moving smoothly.

Healthy Vendor Relationships

Accounts payable tasks are ripe for automation, and DocLink is an ideal automation tool. In addition to eliminating the need for paper filing and minimizing the need for manual data entry, DocLink can help remove approval delays and ensure you capture early-pay discounts. Configurable approval workflows match the way you do business and speed the procure-to-pay cycle with automated reminders help you avoid late penalty fees.

Freshness Alerts

The DocLink Event and Data Manager module is designed to automatically take action in response to events or conditions in your DocLink database. The module can be configured to both notify users of various conditions and to take action in response to various conditions. Within food and beverage companies, the Event and Data Manager module could be used to configure 30-60-90 day reminders to notify personnel of expiring product and personnel certifications.

A Healthy Diet of Technology

Document management solutions are part of a healthy diet of technology for companies in the food and beverage industry, delivering benefits including:

  • Support document management compliance with industry standards and regulations, including FSMA, ISO, and GMP.
  • Increase traceability and accountability for document and data generation and modification.
  • Enforce document control and data security to support compliance.
  • Accelerate change control and review cycles, while reducing the risk of incomplete or incorrect change control efforts.
  • Reduce time, effort, and costs associated with manual, paper-based document management processes.

Food and beverage companies generate enormous quantities of paper and digital documentation. They also face specific challenges surrounding safety and compliance. DocLink is an ideal tool to help companies capture, store, and retrieve information stored in various document types across all departments and locations.

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