Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Help Your Business Increase Efficiency and Performance

AI isn’t just a science fiction dream. Today, more and more companies are realizing the advantages of AI, and investing heavily in the technology. In fact, global spending on cognitive and AI systems reached roughly $12.5 billion in 2017. Why? Because businesses have realized AI can help fuel customer success. Here are just some of the benefits:

AI gives executives more time to think big

According to PwC, 34% of business executives say using digital assistants has freed up time. That extra time allows them to focus less on tasks, and more on deep thinking and creating. That’s important, because executives need to focus on corporate strategy, ways to grow their companies, and how to improve customer engagement and satisfaction levels.

AI allows employees to concentrate on customers

Employees spend a lot of time bogged down by tedious and repetitive processes. AI can handle some of these business-critical tasks more efficiently than humans, so employees can focus on the company’s customers — to meet their needs and give them what they need to succeed.

AI improves employee engagement

According to a NICE report, 80% of employee tasks are work that is dull and unfulfilling. AI can take over much of that work, so employees can spend their time on more exciting tasks — keeping them engaged. This leads to higher levels of morale and job satisfaction.

AI reduces error rates

Errors can cost a company both its financial stability and its reputation. According to a NICE report, on average, humans make ten errors during a 100-step process. AI automation results in a zero percent error rate — and speeds up work rates. So you can give your customers what they want, exactly how they want it, much sooner.

AI improves communications

When you use AI to automate email, you lessen the chances of grammatical errors. AI can also multitask effortlessly so that email responses can happen in near real-time. AI chatbots eliminate the need for telephone wait times, and even let customers avoid the phone altogether if they prefer to communicate online. And, since bots are available 24/7, they are always ready to answer a question.

AI analyzes data and provides customer information

AI can collect customer data that can help companies provide personalized recommendations, communications and strategies. From marketing managers who want to check the success of their latest campaign to salespeople who need to know which product is flying off the shelves, employees can view the data they need to increase sales and improve customer success.

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