6 Reasons to Choose Sage for Construction

Sage has more than 50 years of construction experience going back to Sage Timberline, and is the #1 provider of accounting and estimating solutions in the industry. That’s why more than 50,000 construction and real estate businesses trust Sage estimating and accounting with their pre-construction, finance, and business operations software needs, including 48% of the ENR Top 400 Contractors and 53% of the BD+C Giants Top 115 Contractors.

Here are 6 reasons general contractors and other construction companies choose Sage when they outgrow Quickbooks:

1. Proven track-record helping construction companies grow profitably

Companies of all sizes trust Sage to support their growth. Here is the story how Orion Companies used Sage Intacct to achieve their goals after outgrowing QuickBooks.

Their struggle:

A regional construction company, Orion Companies was growing their footprint across the Rocky Mountain region. As they began to grow, QuickBooks could not keep up with them.

  • Every time they added a new company, they would have to integrate that company into every one of the software programs.
  • They would have to maintain a separate instance of QuickBooks for each company.
  • Managing thousands of transactions and reconciling their data across each of these instances made it difficult to scale their processes.

Their search:

Orion wanted a cloud-based system that could handle multiple entities and had a construction focus. They needed a solution where they could easily integrate each of their companies into the same software have a complete view of all their financial data.

Their solution — Sage Intacct for Construction:

After their evaluation, they decided on Sage Intacct for Construction. The features that have helped them most:

  • The integrations that help them transfer all their construction job tracking information to their construction management software, payroll, time tracking, etc.
  • Consolidating all their entities in one software. They have not had to enter a single entity reconciliation since they started using Sage. This is helped them find new workflows and new strategies to further increase their efficiency going forward.

2. Built for the cloud, with cutting-edge technology

Sage has over 20 years of cloud experience as an early innovator in cloud financials. Sage Intacct for Construction was born in the cloud and continues to lead the industry with cutting edge technology such as AI-powered automation and machine learning. Digital connections and open APIs provide flexibility for general contractors that rely on a wide range of systems to run their business.

Unlike legacy on-premises solutions, Sage Intacct’s multi-tenant true cloud foundation means you’ll never have to worry about being on the latest version of the software or deal with complicated and expensive upgrades. It also provides the key framework required to allow artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide the speed, accuracy, and insights for decision making that will take finance team capabilities to the next level.

3. Powerful automation to be more productive and for a real-time view of projects

Sage for Construction includes numerous automation features to help you work faster and be more productive.

Say, for example, you want to enter a change order into Sage. The change order will be tied to a project, so your budgets can be updated automatically and you can be sure you have a real-time view of your job costs and job tracking.

Sage automates countless other key functions. When tracking compliance, you can automatically contact vendors to inform them that their compliance is set to expire and needs renewal. And with a few clicks of a button, you can generate certified payroll reports or construction-specific billings without having to create them manually.

4. Speaking the language of construction — Sage understands your workflows

Being built specifically for construction, Sage understands the workflows and processes of construction customers.

Whether you need to create reports on demand so your teams in the field and in the office have real-time visibility of project status, automatically track retention in your billing program, or automate a variety of payroll types across different unions or localities, Sage for Construction has the product and features that you need.

When you choose Sage, you can be sure that you have cutting edge software from a team who understands your needs.

5. Sage provides the power to choose the right mix of solutions 

As an innovator in the cloud space, Sage believe you should have the power of choice — the power to choose the right mix of solutions to address your unique business needs 

Sage Intacct for Construction was built on a true cloud model so you can integrate your financial data with other systems you need. The open API enables connections to existing or future systems like Procore, Autodesk Navisworks, and countless others.

This allows you to eliminate double entry of data and instantly access key data from the field, job tracking modules, payroll, budgeting, customer relationship management solutions, and more.

With Sage you can integrate this data with your project financials and track the metrics critical to your organization’s financial and operational success.

6. Preferred provider of the AICPA

Sage is the first and only software recognized as a Preferred Provider of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Not only does the AICPA set the professional and technical standards for the CPA profession, but it is also the largest CPA member association in the world, with over 431,000 members worldwide.

Choose a partner that understands how general contractors do business and can help you build the infrastructure your team needs for more effective financial and project management, pre-construction, and field operations. As a leading Sage partner, you can be sure MicroAccounting has the experience to ensure your success, regardless of your size or specialization.