The Top 7 New Features in Sage Intacct 2024 Release 1

One of the best things about Sage Intacct is that it never stands still. Sage packs another round of great features into the solution four times a year and shares it with the world. The first 2024 release of Sage Intacct, which is now available, is no exception. It’s filled with new features and functionality designed to help you work more efficiently — saving time and resources for more strategic endeavors.

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We usually format these release announcement articles as a list of features across the Sage Intacct platform. For this release, we will take things a bit differently and count down the top seven key highlights from the release. You can get a complete listing of what’s new — or contact the MicroAccounting consulting team for highlights of other features from this release that will benefit your organization the most.

Seven Key Highlights of Sage Intacct 2024 Release 1

1. Introducing Sage Intacct Data Flow

This one has us buzzing — it’s our #1 top pick from the release! Who doesn’t love a good automated workflow? 2024 Release 1 introduces Sage Intacct Forms and Operational Workflows, and that’s precisely what it does. You’ll now be able to add fully digitized approval workflows and customizable forms to collect any type of data.

There’s a new flexible form builder that allows you to specify what data to collect and the sharing and approval routing. There’s even a portal to facilitate communication with stakeholders. As a bonus for nonprofit organizations, there are pre-built workflows, form libraries, and portals to support grantmaking, donor advised funds, and vendor contracting.

We guarantee we’ll cover this new capability extensively as it promises to streamline, simplify, and automate many of the tasks you’re now doing manually.

2. Expanded Data Integration

2024 Release 1 introduces expanded data integration capabilities to positively impact many of our Sage Intacct clients. You may already be aware of the direct integration possible between Sage Intacct and Salesforce, and this release adds a similar integration between HubSpot and Sage Intacct. If you’re unfamiliar with HubSpot, it’s a software platform designed to help with your inbound marketing, sales, and customer service efforts. Essentially, it’s part marketing automation and part CRM (a lot like Salesforce).

Sage Intacct is positioning this as fundamental adjustments to facilitate ongoing integration capabilities. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

3. AI-Directed AP Automation

Accounts payable automation is a frequent topic of conversation between our consultants and our clients. With so many repetitive, manual tasks, it’s one of the most logical business areas to automate. Sage Intacct introduced AP automation a while ago, and 2024 Release 1 builds on the feature with multi-line GL coding. It’s an expanded AI model that predicts GL coding and dimensions at the line level. As it learns your business, it will only get smarter.

Note that this is currently an Early Adopter feature. Contact us for more details.

4. PO Line-Level Matching

Here’s another one to get excited about. Sage Intacct’s existing invoice matching capability is getting a boost with AI-powered matching and variance notifications extended to the line level. You’ll receive a notification if there’s a quantity or price difference or a new line is added—goodbye errors.

Note that this is currently an Early Adopter feature. Contact us for more details.

5. Professional Services Automation

Sage Intacct is an ideal fit for companies in the business services industry, and 2024 Release 1 further tailors the fit. Introducing Sage Intacct Professional Services Automation, an AI-powered project resource management feature that “learns” from your wins and losses to guide your planning efforts and help you get even better over time.

You’ll be able to analyze patterns of delivery to determine which factors are most critical — and the application will notify you of optimization opportunities it uncovers. Further, managers will gain insights surrounding individual team members to help drive efficiency and optimize scheduling.

6. Commitment Compliance for Sage Intacct Construction

We’ve been talking a lot lately about Sage Intacct Construction. It’s a pretty special offering that draws deep functionality from Sage’s long tenure in the construction space and combines it with the flexible financial powerhouse that is Sage Intacct. Learn more about Sage Intacct Construction.

Sage Intacct 2024 Release 1 tackles commitment compliance by allowing you to create compliance rules for commitment documents, such as insurance requirements for purchase orders and subcontracts. The compliance records you create get automatically added to a commitment when you create a new document, and a new tab on the commitment displays the compliance records, including lien waivers and insurance. Ultimately, these commitment-based compliance records are validated when you select commitment-related invoices for payment.

7. Enhanced Project Contract Billing Details

Sage Intacct 2024 Release 1 adds a new Project Contract Billing Details tab to Accounts Receivable invoices. The new read-only tab shows you the latest invoice billing totals for project contract lines and project contracts. It includes new fields, such as Balance to Finish, Extended Line Amounts, and Project Contract Line Descriptions. You can see the new details tab on an AR invoice and include them in new invoice formats.

This feature is designed to show your information as you’d typically see on a payment application form and continuation sheet — simple and to the point. You must subscribe to Sage Intacct Construction to take advantage of this feature.

Find Out More About Sage Intacct 2024 Release 1

We’ve only hit the major features of Sage Intacct 2024 Release 1. For a list of all the new features, check out Sage’s release notes, and as always, you can reach out with any questions.