Preserving Business Continuity on the Cloud

Does your business have plan to protect your data in a crisis?

Most business leaders dedicate the bulk of their strategic planning towards expansion and longevity. A good CFO arms his team with the technology required to get tasks done faster and smarter to support the overarching goals of the organization.

But what if something happens, like a security breach or a natural disaster, that compromises your data? A strategic minded CFO needs safeguards to avoid the risk of business interruption from insecure data. Managing your business financials on the Cloud is one of the easiest safeguards to ensuring business continuity even in uncertain times. Here are some of the benefits of migrating to the Cloud now to keep things running “business as usual” in the face of crises.

A quick recovery

One of the biggest benefits of managing your financials on the Cloud is the ability to instantly back up your data. Furthermore, all of your data is stored in a virtual server for easy recovery. This recovery is so fast, usually completed within minutes if not seconds. So when a crisis event occurs you will be able to regain control of your data quickly. If you’re not storing your data on the cloud your business is risking the time it will take to recoup data before getting back to business.

Better for your budget

Traditional data backup methods involve setting up physical servers at a remote location, which can be costly. However, data on the Cloud enables you to outsource as many hardware and software resources as you need while paying only for what you use. The time you save with a quick data recovery from the Cloud saves your team man hours and therefore your business money. Business on the Cloud mitigates the risk of losing time and money to recovery and gets your team back to business faster.

Cloud solutions grow with you

Cloud backup is virtually endless. As your organization grows, your cloud solution grows with you at no risk to the additional data workload. By only paying for the storage space you need you save money but can easily add storage when your growth requires it and your revenue accommodates it.

Better security with the Cloud

Cloud software vendors can employ stronger physical security measure at their facilities to ensure data safety. This means that small business owners don’t have to stress over the costs of cyber security or risk data breaches. IT support also provides a second layer of security as they are equipped to prevent data loss from natural disasters, power outages, and common manual errors. Most of these IT support teams also provide well-documented disaster recovery plans for their users so business leaders don’t have to start from scratch in moments of uncertainty.

Data loss and the risks that data loss pose to business operations is, and should be, a big concern for business leaders. Ignoring the risks by not protecting your data could cost your business dollars and success in the long run. It’s worth the time and money to invest in migrating to a Cloud based financial management solution like Sage Intacct. With Sage Intacct a strategic minded CFO has peace of mind knowing his company’s data is secure. To learn more about Sage Intacct and business on the Cloud give us a call at 855.876.3773 or email us at [email protected]