Multiple franchise locations? No problem. Gain the visibility you need with Sage Intacct.

Managing multiple franchise locations comes with its own unique set of financial challenges. You need to see the financial picture for your entire franchise business, while your franchises need the ability to operate as individual units. The right financial management solution can offer the business-wide insights necessary to make strategic decisions for your organization, while providing your franchises with location-based metrics about their financial performance.

Laird Management, a franchisee of Burger King restaurants, made the move from QuickBooks to Sage Intacct and saw immediate benefits. The move to Sage Intacct allowed them to:

  1. Automate complex financial processes
    With QuickBooks, each of Laird Management’s restaurants was essentially operating as a separate entity with its own system. There was no consolidated chart of accounts, and no easy way to reconcile intercompany transactions. Sage Intacct’s cloud-based platform allows them to consolidate financial information across their locations.
  2. Cut reporting time in half
    With QuickBooks, the Laird Management controller was spending 8 – 10 hours to produce two financial reports. With Sage Intacct, she is able to produce twice as many reports in half the time. Financials are completed by the 10th of each month rather than the 20th or even the 25th.
  3. Become a strategic partner
    Reducing the time necessary for reporting allows the controller to focus on more strategic initiatives – such as renegotiating contracts – that result in cost savings for the company.
  4. See the bigger picture
    The time savings achieved by using Sage Intacct means that the controller – who is also director of human resources – can focus on broader aspects of the business. And Sage Intacct’s user-friendly, flexible solution allows Laird Management to consolidate the enterprise-wide analytics they need for a comprehensive view of their finances.