9 Things You Won’t Miss When You Move Your Financial Information to the Cloud

As your company grows, you may be outgrowing your legacy financial management platforms and processes. Your needs become more complex, so you wind up using multiple products and apps to manage critical customer and financial data. You’re stuck with outdated manual processes and cumbersome reporting that can’t be produced quickly enough to inform important decisions.

If these challenges sound familiar, it may be time to move your financial information to the cloud. Here are nine painful things you won’t miss when you do.

  1. Outdated customer and financial information.
    Cloud-based technologies give you access to real-time data.
  2. Worrying about whether your data is backed up.
    When your data is stored in the cloud, it’s always backed up.
  3. Spending time and money on upgrades and patches.
    With a cloud-based solution, upgrades happen automatically – so you’re always running the most recent version.
  4. Making decisions based on outdated information.
    Because you always have access to current data, you have the information you need to drive important strategic decisions. No need to wait for someone to give you the latest numbers.
  5. Having to be in your office to access the system.
    Cloud technology means you can access the information you need any time, anywhere.
  6. Getting your various apps and programs to talk to each other.
    Having all your key customer and financial data in one place gives you the consolidated picture you need.
  7. Unpleasant surprises.
    See what’s happening in real time and set up alerts for key indicators that could signal a problem.
  8. Struggling to collaborate.
    With a cloud-based solution, your employees have access to the information and analytics they need to work together more effectively.
  9. A lack of timely, accurate reporting.
    No more waiting for information to come in from multiple sources and then struggling to reconcile and consolidate it into the reports you need.

To learn more about the benefits of moving your financial information to the cloud, download our ebook, The Zen of a Connected Business. And if your ready to make the move, MicroAccounting can help with solutions like Sage 100. Contact us today at 855.876.3773.

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