May the Force Be With You – ScanForce for Sage 100 Warehouse Automation

Today’s distributors understand that success requires efficiency at every step. Supply chains are disrupted, costs are skyrocketing, and employees are difficult to find. Warehouse Management applications can optimize many warehouse processes and tasks, saving time, increasing accuracy, and boosting productivity. ScanForce is a warehouse management solution designed for Sage 100. It offers barcode scanning, wireless communication, and full integration with Sage 100.

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What is ScanForce?

ScanForce is a comprehensive warehouse management solution for Sage 100 (and Sage Intacct too) that includes software and hardware components that combine to allow you to manage your inventory assets better. The solution is available in three configurations with varying levels of functionality. ScanForce Fundamentals, for example, automates the collection of shipping, receiving, physical counts, and inventory transactions, while ScanForce Advanced adds more sophisticated features that support directed picking, staging orders, dashboards, and performance reports. ScanForce Premium is the most comprehensive and includes advanced features including directed put away, transfer of items between bin locations, and staging to a specific bin location. We can help you evaluate your needs and match them to one of the ScanForce editions.

Barcode Scanning

Barcodes remain a standard in warehouse operations. They are reliable, easy to print, durable, and readable by a multitude of devices. ScanForce offers barcode scanning functionality to improve efficiency and accuracy by automating processes such as purchase order receipts, shipping, physical counts, and inventory transactions.

ScanForce also supports barcode label printing from a PC or wireless device. Imagine being able to print and adhere product labels right during the receiving process or customer-specific labels during the shipping process.

Wireless Communication with Sage 100

Wireless communication allows your staff freedom to move throughout the warehouse, accessing and collecting information whenever and wherever they need it. Real-time integration with Sage 100 keeps inventory data accurate from the moment the transactions are performed. Should your WIFI be offline, ScanForce devices can collect data offline, storing and syncing once the connection is restored.

We’ve seen companies that launch barcode initiatives with the best intentions, but the systems lacked integration with their accounting software. Without integration, these initiatives are doomed to fail. In addition, systems need to be fast and straightforward to use — or they don’t get used. ScanForce checks all the boxes with its deep integration to Sage 100 and intuitive interface.

Proven Performance

ScanForce is a proven warehouse management system, ideal for distributors using Sage 100. We’ve seen it help eliminate inefficiencies, reduce data entry errors, and boost productivity for the companies that rely on it. We’re hosting a webinar on ScanForce on July 20th at 2pm CDT — Click here to sign up. As always, you can also contact a member of our team with your questions.