Sage Data & Analytics for Financials – Speed & Simplicity

Last month we introduced you to Sage Data & Analytics (SD&A), a powerful reporting application newly available to Sage 100 users. This month, we wanted to look closer at how companies can use SD&A to elevate their financial reporting capabilities — by automatically creating and delivering dynamic, informative, and flexible reports to stakeholders. We recently held a comprehensive webinar on the topic that we invite you to view. Here we highlight some of what makes SD&A such an ideal financial reporting solution.

It’s Plug and Play

SD&A is a cloud-based application that you can implement in just a few hours. It’s designed to read your Sage 100 database, whether that database resides on your own in-house server or on a partner-hosted platform. Some Business Intelligence (BI) applications are highly complex and difficult to implement. Not SD&A.

Dozens of Pre-Configured Reports

SD&A comes equipped with dozens of financial reports (the list varies by the edition you purchase, ask us for details). You can also reuse the out-of-the-box calculations to create your own customized reports and dashboards. One example of this functionality that we cover in the webinar is modifying the standard Profit and Loss Statement to include a prior-month-to-date column and a variance column.

We particularly like the CFO dashboard that visually shows key metrics such as sales, margin, profitability, AR and AP metrics, margin over time, liquidity ratios, and more.

Dynamic Interaction

The reports produced by SD&A are dynamic — you can click on a figure to drill through to the underlying data to gain both the big picture and the supporting details.

Consolidated Financials Simplified

A particular pain point for many companies is producing consolidated financial statements spanning multiple companies. SD&A removes that pain. You can generate consolidated financials right out of the box. Goodbye spreadsheets.

Always Current

You can configure SD&A to refresh its data warehouse as often as makes sense for your operation — be that once a day – or once an hour!

Automated Report Packs

SD&A provides a feature called Automated Report Packs that are just what they sound like — a collection of reports you bundle together. It’s literally as easy as dragging and dropping the reports you want into your pack and then creating a distribution schedule for the pack. For example, maybe you have a collection of reports that the Board of Directors wants to review each month. Create the “Monthly Board Reports” report pack, and schedule it to be delivered to a list of recipients on the 5th of every month.

SD&A takes it from there, assembling the reports on your timetables and automatically sending them out. Your report packs can include a personalized cover page with the company logo, for example, and a table of contents to make it simple for recipients to navigate.

Learn More

Sage Data & Analytics is a tool that will benefit most Sage 100 users (it will be available soon for Sage Intacct). It’s quick to get up and running, provides advanced, configurable financial reporting capabilities that extend beyond Sage 100, and it makes it efficient and straightforward to share that data with stakeholders both within and outside your organization. Learn more by viewing the recorded webinar: How to Automate Financial Reporting with Sage Data & Analytics for Sage 100 or by contacting a member of our team.