Plug Into Efficiency: DocLink for the Utilities Industry

Utility companies face a larger paper issue than most other organizations. As a Public service company, document retention is widely designated as “Permanent Retention” or “Life of Agency” and requires substantial storage space. These documents must be held securely and be available for recall on short notice. DocLink is an ideal way to streamline document handling tasks and provide measurable efficiency gains for companies in the utility industry.

Secure Confidential Records

Many utility company documents contain confidential information which must be safeguarded. With DocLink, you can assign user access rights based on configured permissions and document types controlling access to confidential or sensitive information. In addition, DocLink supports version control and maintains a detailed audit trail to further maintain the security and integrity of confidential information.

Modernize History

Utility companies may store property records for decades. For example, I recently purchased a piece of land, and the hand-written document granting a utility easement was nearly 50 years old. One can only guess how many file cabinets that document had been in and out of during its life. The ability to digitize, catalogue, store, and then quickly retrieve documents like this is a game changer for utility companies and it’s what DocLink does best.

Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance

Utility companies face enormous legal and regulatory requirements surrounding creating, maintaining, accessing, and storing critical records. From workplace hazardous materials documentation, inspection reports, resource reading, environmental assessment documents, to private customer information, it’s vital to have effective and secure document management protocols in place in order to demonstrate compliance. DocLink provides the structure for those protocols.

Improve Customer Service

Customers today demand the same flexibility in service from utility companies that they have come to expect from banks, telecom, and other companies. To fulfill these demands and stay competitive, utility companies need to turn to solutions offered by document management applications. Solutions like DocLink can be configured to send out automated billings, reminders, and crucial information such as planned outages to customers based on criteria configured for your system. In addition, DocLink Smart Forms are an ideal way to streamline the workflows associated with new service applications and changes, to ensure the process keeps moving along in a timely fashion.

Benefits at a glance

DocLink offers many benefits to utility companies, helping them maintain compliance while improving efficiency and service.

  • Full audit trails to ensure compliance
  • Rapid search and recall
  • Rigorous security measures for controlled documents
  • Web-based applications for fast deployment
  • Version control / revision control
  • Easy to deploy workflows for automating document processes

Learn more about DocLink by viewing our series of recorded webcasts or speaking to one of our DocLink specialists.