Exemption Certificate Management for Sage 100 – Simplifying Sales Tax Exemption Management

Did you know that state auditors are more likely to fine you than they are to fine the buyer if you fail to collect sales tax without a buyer’s exemption certificate on file? To complicate things further, every state requires a certificate of exemption specific to the state. All in all, sales tax exemption management is no one’s idea of fun. But doing it wrong can cost you money. That’s why we recommend Exemption Certificate Management (ECM) from Avalara. Join us for a webinar: How to Automate Exemption Certificate Management. In this special session you’ll learn how to better manage your certificates automatically with Avalara and Sage 100.

What is ECM?

ECM (previously called CertCapture) from Avalara, simplifies the sales tax ECM process. It removes the manual tasks associated with soliciting, collecting, verifying, storing, and tracking exemption certificates—while providing a comprehensive workflow that helps your organization achieve and maintain compliance. If you’re already using CertCapture, you won’t need to migrate any of your data.

How Does it Work?

ECM automates the entire process—from expediting the creation of pre-populated exemption certificates to send to your customers and digitally capturing and storing exemption certificates—to monitoring expirations. Having ECM in place can reduce audit risks and allow you to stay compliant, with features and benefits:

  • Keep up with new collection requirements due to remote employees, drop shipping, inventory storage, and economic thresholds— which exempt sales can trigger in some states.
  • Manage a secure, centralized document repository to use for future purchases, generating reports, and referencing during audits.
  • Get alerts when documents are expiring and automatically generate renewal request emails.
  • Confirm exemption certificates are valid at the point of collection without needing more resources.
  • Provide read-only access to business departments, sales teams, partners, and external auditors.

How Does ECM Work With Sage 100?

ECM’s integration with Sage 100 allows the exemption certificates to be pre-filled with data fed directly from your software, saving that manual step. It also means that the application can update customers’ tax statuses in Sage 100, ensuring that data is relevant and up to date.

Will your organization benefit from the simplicity, convenience, and efficiency ECM delivers? To help you understand more about how it works, join us for a webinar covering the capabilities of Avalara ECM in more detail: How to Automate Exemption Certificate Management. Or contact us for more information.