Document Management is Essential for a Mobile Workforce

The way you do business today is likely a bit different than it was a couple of years ago — we know ours is. When business changes, our technology needs to change too. With more of us working from anywhere, paper-based processes no longer cut it.

Everyone needs mobile and web-based capabilities, so we can get our jobs done and collaborate wherever and whenever. DocLink’s web- and mobile-based document management system is the right technology for today.

Join us for an upcoming webinar on DocLink’s web and mobile capabilities: Document Management For Sage – A Key To The Mobile Workforce.

Eliminate Bottlenecks from Approval Processes 

Approval workflows are a necessary business best practice. But they can also be an administrative hassle. The accounts payable approval workflow is a good example. Where’s the receipt? What step in the process is it in? Did it get coded to the correct accounts?

Moving your approval processes from paper and emails to DocLink automated workflows provides deep visibility into every step or action taken. Stakeholders can review and approve from anywhere, effectively eliminating the bottlenecks that can occur when approvers are off site. Plus, using Smart Forms, you can preset default values to help minimize errors.

Find the Document You Need – No Filing Cabinet Required

Here’s a stat from a 2021 survey by Wakefield Research that may surprise you. The majority of office professionals spend more time searching for files than they do on work. This is simply not sustainable.

DocLink allows you to securely house documents of any type and recall them quickly from anywhere you’re working.

Initiate Workflows Remotely

When employees are away from the office, it can be difficult to kick off a new workflow that may require backup documentation before submitting. Some examples: expense receipts, signed customer contracts, or timesheets.

With DocLink on their mobile device, employees easily capture new documents and upload them into DocLink, for safe storage—or to kick off a new workflow as appropriate.

Working from anywhere is here to stay, so empowering employees with the technology tools they need to be productive from anywhere makes sense. We see DocLink as the ideal tool for the job. Learn more by signing up for our upcoming webinar, Document Management For Sage – A Key To The Mobile Workforce.  In the meantime, contact us with your questions.