DocLink Mobile Puts Power in Your Pocket

DocLink Mobile Puts Power in Your Pocket

It’s been estimated that U.S. consumers now spend five hours a day on mobile devices and 92% of that time is spent using apps—with only that remaining 8% devoted to a web browser. Mobile access has ceased to be a novelty, it’s become a necessity—even for business users. If you’re a DocLink user and haven’t yet incorporated DocLink Mobile into your organization’s workflow, you’re missing out on powerful functionality that can only enhance the value of the solution. If you’re just learning about DocLink, read more to see how DocLink Mobile puts the solution’s power in your pocket.

What it does

DocLink Mobile brings elements of the larger DocLink solution to your mobile device—a smartphone or tablet. It’s been designed to allow mobile users to interact with the DocLink solution in intuitive yet powerful ways, allowing your team to be productive while they’re out and about. There are three functional areas within DocLink Mobile: Search, Approve and Capture, and we’ll take a quick look at each of them below.


Using the DocLink Mobile app, searching for documents on a phone or tablet is easier than ever. Depending upon a user’s role, the app smartly displays the document types the user can search for. Based on their selection, the app displays the various index values the user may use to search the DocLink database. For example, if a user elected to search for an expense report, they could then enter their name or email address to limit the search to only their own expense reports. The search will reveal the matching document(s), which the user can then view right from their mobile device.


The approval process is often a source of bottlenecks when approvers are out of the office and unable to view and approve invoices or expense reports. With DocLink Mobile approvals can be done on-the-go. Approvers can review supporting documents, apply notes and send the document on to the next workflow status—keeping the process moving even while they are away from the office.


Using DocLink Mobile, users can quickly and easily upload files and photos which are then immediately available in DocLink. Depending on the type of document the user specifies, the app will ask for the appropriate supporting data. Examples of the value of this functionality would be to capture expense receipts or job site photos to be associated with a document or workflow in DocLink.

Take it with you

It makes smart business sense to empower your staff with tools they can use to remain productive while away from the office. DocLink Mobile provides users with access to functionality they need to do their jobs efficiently, accurately and from anywhere. We invite you to review our recorded webcast on the topic—or contact us—to learn more about DocLink Mobile.