DocLink for Distributors: Three Key Ways DocLink Proves Its Value

Distributors have their fair share of challenges. Meeting changing customer demands, managing complex inventories and reducing overhead are a few of the perennial struggles distributors grapple with. In the current hyper-competitive economic landscape, it’s more important than ever for distributors to overcome these challenges. DocLink provides rich capabilities that can help distributors meet and overcome many everyday challenges. Here are three key ways DocLink proves its value for distributors.


1) Become More Customer Centric

In an era of increasing competition, distributors who do not deliver exceptional service will quickly be left behind. A customer centric way of doing business is an approach that provides a positive customer experience before and after the sale in order to drive repeat business, enhance customer loyalty and improve business growth. DocLink can be an ideal partner in your customer centric initiatives:

  • Automatically onboard customer documents, such as customer purchase orders, minimizes processing delays and speeds order to cash cycle
  • Gain quick, electronic access to original documents and forms (purchase orders, proof of delivery documents, credit applications, etc.) to speed inquiry resolution
  • Use Smart Forms to generate customer service requests that are then routed for resolution

2) Manage complex inventories

Good inventory management pays off in higher customer service and satisfaction, lower overall inventory investment, fewer backorders and lost business, reduced disruption and lower cost of expediting. DocLink is a great tool to help better manage your inventory:

  • Route requisitions and purchase orders for approval and keep stakeholders informed and on task
  • Capture, store and easily recall important distribution documents including bills of lading, MSDS, shipping manifests, product certifications and more
  • Bundle and send purchasing documents including purchase orders, shipping instructions, and your terms and conditions in one quick step

Improve accuracy and efficiency

Inefficient supply chain workflows are costly and error prone that quickly cut into profits. DocLink is a vital asset in helping you improve accuracy and lower operating costs throughout your organization.

Modern distributors are smart to leverage technology tools, like the DocLink document management solution, to improve service levels, effectively manage their inventories and improve accuracy and efficiency throughout the operation.

We invite you to view any (or all) in a series of recorded webcasts diving more deeply into DocLink and the functionality we’ve touched on here by following the links below.

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