Sales Tax Exempt Certificates Made Easy With Avalara CertCapture

As you know, businesses are responsible for collecting sales tax from buyers who do not have a valid sales tax exemption certificate on file with the seller. What you may not know, though, is state auditors are more likely to fine a seller who does not collect sales tax from a buyer without an exemption than they are to fine the buyer. To complicate things, every state takes a different approach to sales tax exemption, with each requiring a certificate of exemption specific to the state. So, while managing these certificates seems like a trivial task, not doing it correctly can cost you money. That’s why we recommend CertCapture from Avalara.

What is CertCapture?

CertCapture streamlines and simplifies the sales tax exemption certificate management process. It’s published by Avalara, the company behind Sage Sales Tax, so you know they understand taxes. CertCapture relieves you of the manual tasks associated with soliciting, collecting, verifying, storing, and tracking exemption certificates and provides a comprehensive process for achieving and retaining compliance.

How Does it Work?

Avalara CertCapture automates the entire process, from expediting the creation of pre-populated certificates you send to your customers, to digitally capturing and storing exemption certificates in a central repository where your company’s tax managers can easily pull reports, monitor expirations, and manage certificates. Having CertCapture in place can reduce audit risks and allow you to proactively maintain compliance, with features and benefits that include:

  • Create cover letters and pre-filled certificates for customers to complete
  • Track expiration dates automatically
  • Send system-generated renewal requests
  • Support for every state
  • Hundreds of integrations
  • No ongoing IT support needed
  • Scalable pricing

What Is the Benefit?

Any growing B2B business will benefit from the simplicity, convenience, and efficiency CertCapture delivers, and with scalable pricing, the solution is as affordable for businesses just starting out as it is for enterprise organizations.

We’re hosting a webinar on 10/5 from 2-3 CT covering the capabilities of Avalara CertCapture in more detail. Reserve your spot here.