Automate Purchase Order Processing with DocLink

We’re often surprised to learn that many companies continue to rely on manual, cumbersome procurement processes requiring too many touches and too few controls. We like to share with these companies how DocLink can automate purchase order processing with minimal setup and configuration. We’ll dive more deeply into the topic in our May 18th webinar, Go Digital! Automate Your PO Process with DocLink, and below is a highlight of how DocLink can help.

 Join us for a webinar on May 18: Go Digital! Automate Your PO Process with DocLink

A Requisition Requirement

Using DocLink, your organization can automate the entire procure-to-pay cycle — beginning with step one, the requisition. Unfortunately, not all ERP applications include support for requisitions, leaving these companies looking for options. We have helped numerous clients configure DocLink Smart Forms to streamline and automate the requisition and purchase order approval workflows, saving them time while also increasing accuracy and visibility.

A DocLink Smart Form serves as the requisition form. Remember, Smart Forms are highly flexible and adaptable to multiple business processes. You can pre-populate some fields for the user (Company, Requester, and Date, for example). In addition, the form can contain drop-down selection options for fields such as Vendor and Item Number and DocLink will validate the entries against your ERP database. Once the user submits the form, it follows the approval routing you’ve established within DocLink.

DocLink simplifies the balance of the procurement process as well. Armed with the approved requisition, a user can quickly create the purchase order using the data from the requisition. Then, as you receive the delivery receipt and ultimately the invoice, DocLink automates the onboarding of these documents.

OCR Onboards Invoices — and More

It’s commonplace now to receive vendor invoices by email, and DocLink leverages that reality by quickly onboarding purchase order invoices (or non-PO invoices) that arrive by email (or fax. DocLink combined with OCR and Machine Learning technologies provides as method to capture incoming invoices  and automatically insert them into your organization’s custom purchase order processing workflow. With features to extract header, footer, and line-item data that it then ultimately transferred into your ERP, creating an invoice ready for the next processing step.

Rewind the process a few steps and DocLink can help even more. For example, the same OCR technology can onboard other purchasing documents such as delivery receipts, packing lists, and bills of lading. Here too, you can build in approval workflows and controls that match the way you do business, such as 3-way matching for products delivered and already receipted. 

Benefits of the DocLink-Driven Process

Using OCR and DocLink as the engines for your purchase order automation initiative streamlines the entire procurement process for more efficient operations. It ensures faster responses and timely approvals, eliminates paper filing, minimizes data entry, decreases processing time, provides greater collaboration and better communication, and improves visibility and control over your processes. Imagine being able to reduce data entry time by 60-90%.

We invite you to attend our May 18th webinar, Go Digital! Automate Your PO Process with DocLink to learn how to automate the entire procurement process with DocLink. Or course, you may also reach out and speak directly to a member of our consulting team at any time.