Are Your Systems Failing to Keep Up with Your Business?

The new week begins with great news–one of your salespeople has brought in a new customer with a substantial sale.

If your feeling of elation quickly melts because now you’re scrambling to see if you can produce and ship the order as promised–that’s a clear sign your ERP systems are not delivering as they should be. Or a sign that the collection of operational software (CRM, Inventory, Accounting, etc.) and the multitude of spreadsheets you’ve developed to consolidate company information simply aren’t sufficiently integrated to keep up with the pace and requirements of the business.

You need your systems to go further.

Tracking the resources of an enterprise is the heart and soul of ERP software. Far beyond just a count of current inventory, you need to know what inventory is committed based on Sales Orders, if there is enough remaining inventory to fulfill the new order, and if and when you need to order additional inventory and at what levels.

A true ERP solution does all this for you. The very name “Enterprise Resource Planning” indicates the sophisticated tracking, reporting, visibility of key indicators and integration of data necessary to manage the orchestration that needs to happen internally so you can provide your customers the best service. And that’s what it ultimately boils down to–fulfilling and delivering customer orders as promised.

However, if you do not have adequate insight into what is scheduled, what’s on hand, what needs to be ordered and when, you face one of two dangers:

  • minimizing the profitability of the order due to last minute ordering at potentially higher pricing
  • overtime that may be required to get the order out as promised and costs associated with expedited shipping

These costs can eat away at the already narrow margins that keep your products and services competitive.  Conversely, protecting the margins but then missing the promise date can jeopardize your relationship with the customer and potentially lose them to the competition on a future order.

Proven ERP software solutions can greatly help you maintain the delicate balance between profitable orders and happy customers. Increased visibility into all the critical operations data, can further your ability to run an even more profitable business, not to mention eliminate needless headaches and complications that come from not having the right information at the right time.

MicroAccounting counsels businesses on finding the right solution for their needs. 
We strive to find a balance for you as well. We look to find the right fit for your business–powerful enough to address your current issues and to help you get positioned for the future–without saddling you with a system that is too big and too complex to allow your team to become proficient and confident using it.

At MicroAccounting, our tagline is “We Go Further.”  We go further so that our customers can go further. We go further by meeting with you first to determine what your needs and challenges are and only then do we recommend a solution. We go further by providing the kind of experience that keeps you enthusiastic about your new system rather than burden you with new frustrations. We go further by providing a staff of consultants whose experience is second-to-none. They are talented experts and we are immensely proud of them.

If this sounds like the type of experienced technology partner you’d like to have on your side, we’d love to hear from you. We’d like to help you go further.