8 Reasons to go Mobile with Your Accounting

When you run your own business, finding office time to handle your accounting can be hard. And you’d much rather be out working with your customers and finding new business anyway. The good news is that with today’s mobile technologies, “going into the office” to handle critical accounting tasks can be a thing of the past. Cloud-based accounting solutions can save you time and resources and let you focus on running your business. Here are a few of the benefits of going mobile with your accounting:

Speed up cash flow.

With mobile accounting, there’s no need to wait until you’re back at the office to complete important transactions. Send an invoice or make a payment on the spot.


Mobile accounting solutions allow you to automate administrative tasks like issuing invoices, paying bills, handling tax calculations, and hunting for paperwork.

Secure your data.

Today’s cloud technologies make it easy to back up your data and store and access documents via mobile applications. Your data is protected, no matter where you are.

Handle your accounting anytime, anywhere.

Stay on top of your finances without having to be in the office. Mobile accounting solutions give you access to your data and processes on your time, wherever you are.

Process payments on the go.

With mobile accounting, you can both send and receive payments from any device, in any location. The ability to process credit card payments remotely is especially attractive to many small businesses.

Integrate your systems.

A cloud-based accounting platform like Sage Intacct integrates with your other critical business systems, eliminating data silos and the need for cumbersome manual processes.

Create a flexible work environment.

Mobile accounting gives your employees the flexibility to work remotely, increasing efficiency, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Provide better customer service.

Many cloud-based accounting solutions provide portals that allow your customers to view their accounts and pay their bills – making for happy customers AND improving your cash flow.

Ready to go mobile with your accounting? Sage Intacct can help. To find out more, call MicroAccounting today at 855-876-3773.